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Mathematical modelling

Mathematical models designed to solve problems for your business.

Software development

Software development on a consultancy basis. I can provide time estimates and hourly rates, or fixed-price quotes depending on your needs. I have experience in a large variety of programming languages, among others: Ada, C, C++, Python, Oracle PL/SQL, Pascal, SPARK and Fortran.

Review of coding standards

Coding standards can benefit from a critical review from an experienced software developer. I provide reviews and constructive comments for coding standards for Ada source text.

Source code review

I can provide critical source text reviews, either during development or as an independent review of a final product before delivery/acceptance.

Writing Contracts in Ada (course)

I gave a course on writing contracts in Ada in connection with Ada-Europe 2018 in Lisbon in June. The course is an updated edition of the course Contract-based programming in Ada 2012.

Contract-based programming in Ada 2012

A course introducing the participants to contract-based programming in Ada 2012, and giving them some basic rules for using the features of Ada 2012 in a consistent and efficient manner. This course has previously been given as a tutorial at the Ada-Europe conferences in 2014 and 2015.

Unit-testing with Ahven (course)

I gave a course on unit-testing with Ahven in connection with Ada-Europe 2018 in Lisbon in June. Ahven is an Open Source framework for writing unit tests. It is intended to work with any Ada 95 compiler and is regularly tested with several different compilers. The course is focused on testing for projects with less strict testing requirements than DO-178C.

Ada as a Second Language

A course introducing experienced programmers to The Ada Way.

Software innovations

New business use of existing software technology, and development of new programming techniques.

Data analysis and processing

Analysis of and data processing for biological experiments.

POSIX in Ada

A course introducing the participants to systems programming in Ada using the POSIX Ada API. An extended version of this course has previously been given as a part of the software engineering education at DMU-Syd.

If you have questions or requests, please send them to <services@jacob-sparre.dk>.

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