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Contract-based programming in Ada 2012

One of the important, new features in Ada 2012 is a streamlined support for contract-based programming with contract aspects. They allow the programmer to specify even more details about types and subprograms in a formal and testable form. If used carefully, they can make package specifications easier to read, and help identifying use and implementation errors faster.

To really make sense, it is important that the contract aspects are applied in a consistent way.

The goal of this course is to help the programmer in that direction. It is organised in three sections: An introduction to Ada 2012 contract aspects. Guidance on how one can ensure a consistent application of contract aspects across a whole package. And finally a guided, practical exercise in applying contract aspects.


The tutorial is organised in three sections; two lectures and a practical exercise:

The practical exercise will allow the participants to put the learning to use right away, and turn the abstract information from the lectures into a practical experience.

Please call or write if you would like to attend the next public instance of this course, of if you would like me to give this course for you and your colleagues.

Video of a shortened version of the course (50 minutes, no exercises) adapted to be useful for software developers without Ada experience.

If you have questions or requests, please send them to <services@jacob-sparre.dk>, or call +45 21 49 08 04.

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